Cargo Trailer Rental

Tips on Cargo Trailer Rental

Most people will need to rent a cargo trailer at some point in their lives. A cargo trailer rental is often created by a move in residence. Other things create the need as well as moving household items. Crafters that go to shows will often need the space in a cargo trailer to carry their merchandise to the shows.

Consider these steps before signing your contract.
1 .What size trailer will you need? Be sure the trailer that you choose can accommodate the items that you will be moving. It can be extremely frustrating to drag the trailer home only to find that only half of your furniture or merchandise will fit into the size you chose. Some companies have trailers from 45 cubic feet to almost 400 cubic feet. Be sure your vehicle can handle the size you choose.

cargo trailer rental

2. Once you have chosen your size, start shopping for the best price and best reputation. Cargo trailers can be rented with the logo emblazoned on the side or plain white trailers. It depends on the company and your location.

3. Cargo trailer rental will also require some type of hitch on your vehicle. Is your vehicle already equipped with a hitch, or will the rental company have to provide or install one before you can be on your way. Most pickup trucks and vans will have a hitch installed. Passenger cars rarely do and it can be costly to have one installed. The extra weight can be harmful to the drive train of a passenger car. Check the manual that came with your car before you begin the cargo trailer rental procedure.

When you pick up your trailer, be sure that you have the lights hooked up before you leave the business. Law requires you to have functional lights on the back of your trailer. This is not only for your safety, but also for the safety of other drivers on the road.

Walk around the trailer with a person from the company to check for damage. Cargo trailer rental may not be costly if you do not cause damage to the trailer. If damage is already evident, check to make sure the damage is noted on the contract.

Debris that is left in the trailer on your return may also cost you some money. A simple sweep before you return the trailer will prevent this. The rental company will expect the trailer to be returned in the same condition that it was when it left their property. Inquire about insurance for the trailer. It is possible that it will be worth the money to have the liability insurance that is provided by the company at additional cost.

Are you planning on staying local with your cargo trailer rental? If so, you may be able to rent by the hour. If you are moving a long distance, be sure the company allows you to drop the trailer at a different location than the one from which you are starting.

Drive safely and follow the speed laws. This is especially true if this is a new experience. You will learn quickly that the wind will influence the stability of your drive. This includes being passed by big trucks.